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Hurricane Report

"Argh! Hurricane!" DH was making fun of me. To be fair, on Friday I was not panicked. But since everyone around me was panicking, I decided to get in on the action. At a birthday party Saturday, one parent reported that they received a robocall from their mayor urging them to action.

Sunday, I got a call from my SIL reporting that my MIL had water in her basement and they were going to try and unblock the drain. These are the pictures from the ride:

Mild flooding

Not pictured: someone towing their boat.  Quote of the ride: "Hey the car is flooded.  Everybody in the boat!"

Going through a different, deeper puddle.  Child started singing "Car Wash"

Bridge on 32 by Orrs Mill Road.  Water was within 1 foot of underside.  Tentative reports are that this road is closed at this time (2:10pm)

Angola Road in Cornwall.  The most devisation of anywhere on our ride.  Both sides of the roads washed out.  Many driveways washed out.  It looked like the houses were fine, but I dont know how the people were going to get in/out of their houses.  I think this guy was trying to clear some debris so that the water could drain down the sides of the road more easily.

Thruway over Rt 32 in Cornwall.  It looked like a chocolate milk waterfall.  Oh, yeah - so THAT'S why the Thruway is closed!

The mountain may come to Mohammed, but in Monroe, the lake comes to the boats.

We're here just to help the basement and then are going back.  Not pictured: lots of tree limbs.  We didnt see very much on our ride, but it remains to be seen if the water soaked soil will continue to support some of the big giants.
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