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New Year's Resolutions - 6 Month Update

Like most people, I make New Year's Resolutions every year.  Like most people, I usually make it about 3 months and they fall apart.  This year was different.  I'm actually losing the weight and getting in shape.

6 months later, I'm *almost* 20 lbs lighter. (I was hoping to make it to 20 lbs, but I got a part-time job and its cutting into my workout time). I only have one chin, and slowly my neck is redefining itself from my head. I looked in the mirror and saw collarbones. I looked down and saw my hips becoming slimmer. My pants are falling off me. I used to be a big 16/ small 18 and now I'm a small 14 or 12.

What am I doing?: Its the oldest method in the book.  Eat less, Exercise.  Track what you eat.  Make sure calories in are less than calories out.  I have 2 crutches that I rely upon: the Online Community of Sparkpeople that I use for my tracking and I set a goal.

I'm going to be in a TRIATHLON on June 9th.  My sister UUFG will be coming to support me and prove that I didnt spend Saturday morning sitting in a bowling alley.

With these two things, I'm in better shape than I've ever been in my life. Note: I'm not the thinnest I've ever been, but I'll take fit & healthy for thin ANY DAY. I'm doing things I never thought were possible.

I think the best metaphor for this whole thing is in this dress:

Its a lovely dress isnt it? You cant see so well in the picture but there is beading all over it with a sheer lace on top.

I bought this dress over 12 years ago. One of my best friends was getting married and I decided that I wanted a new "posh frock" for her wedding. Then I got bigger, then I got married and got bigger, then I had a baby and never lost the weight. Then I got a job, then I lost the job and got depressed.

Oh, I tried. But because I didnt know anything about nutrition and had plenty of excuses for not exercising, its not a surprise.

This dress, this beautiful dress, was still in the closet. I couldnt part with it, but I couldnt wear it.

(Sad music here) My friend lost her husband unexpectedly. Massive sudden heart attack. (Happy music) She got remarried and had her own child last summer.

Another set of friends recently got married under similar circumstances. Long relationship and *finally* decided to get hitched. Black tie wedding with DH in the wedding party. I decided to see if the dress fit again.

And it did, better than ever. I looked fabulous. I danced my @$$ off at the wedding. And still got up the next morning and did 45 min in the hotel gym. And even though I ate my body weight in hors d'ourves, I still lost a pound that week.

Am I at my final goal weight?  I dont know.  I am at my pre-pregnancy weight, and what I wanted to be when I started out, but according to BMI calculations, I could stand to loose another 25 lbs... which might be a bit too much.  Let's see where the next 6 months take us.
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