rfoster_faith (rfoster_faith) wrote,

I dare you to TRI it!

Dare to live. DARE TO TRI.

1. Are you in reasonable health, free from injury, asthma or any other condition that means serious and strenuous exercise could actually be harmful?
2. Are you capable of doing exercise for 1.5 to 2 hours? Something on the order of a 2 hr Zumba party, playing basketball or soccer, or cross country skiing.
3. Can you walk briskly for 60 min. This means you can walk a 5k, now you just need to get faster.
4. Can you swim, with any stroke, for 30 min? You can swim 0.5 miles.
5. Can you ride a bike for 60 min? You can pedal 12 miles.
6. Are you ok with not coming in first? Can you put your ego aside and race against the clock and yourself? There are precious few of those natural athletes out there, and I wouldnt want anyone to be disheartened if in their first outing, they got 94 of 102. There are always people who are faster than you.

Lastly, how do you feel about temp tattoos and wetsuits?

Dare to live. DARE TO TRI.

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