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Monroe Middletown "Just Tri It!" Triathlon

My last race of the season and basically, I did it because the location is fairly close to where I grew up. I had heard a few "friends of friends" talk about it, so I was hopeful there would be someone I knew to race with. Turns out, nobody, but that's ok. Sister once again performed Race Support because she was afraid that doing this one so close on the heels of West Point, I would fall over and need to be carted away. Not the case. Because I am BOSS.


Heck, why NOT start with a cheesecake shot? I'm still trying to decide if my arms look flabby or fabulous. Moral support welcome in the comments.

Swim 0.3 miles in 15 min. The lake was pleasantly warm, but it was full of weeds and the bottom was mucky. Every stroke, there were ghostly weeds trailing down your body. Major yuck factor.

Just as I was going into T1, the battery in my camera died and my sister took the remaining pictures on her phone. Fortunately her cell has a better camera than my camera.

Bike leg was hilly. 13 miles in 1:03. I *so* gotta work on that.

If you ever wondered what a transition area looks like in a triathlon/ duathlon.  This is T2.

Here I am, ripping out of transition screaming "I have swedish fish! I CAN DO ANYTHING!!"

Run was dead flat along a rail trail. Curiously, I achieved my best 5k time ever: 31 min. Seriously, who does a PR after the first 2 legs of a triathlon?? Clearly the universe is speaking to me.

Finish line!

(Is that a muscle in my shoulder? I'm going to belive it is)

As mentioned before: PR 1:55 (I was in the 4th wave so clock is off of my actual time). When I looked at the splits, the time came from the slightly shorter swim, so my performance, while awesome (modesty!) is understandable.

Food for thought.  This was a small triathlon: 171 entrants.  Within my age category the 3rd place finisher was 1:41.  So that means all that separates me from a cheap plastic trophy is 14 minutes.

Places for improvement are....ta da! Bike time. I'm half a mile into the thing and the leaders are already coming BACK. They do the 13 miles in 38 MINUTES. Insanity. But I think with some focused work, I could get 13 miles from one hour down to ... oh... 46 minutes.

Because I have swedish fish.  And I can do ANYTHING I set my mind to.

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