rfoster_faith (rfoster_faith) wrote,

A Fine Day to Bake Some Bacon

Bacon??!? I can hear the teeming millions gasp. Bacon is verboten. Its evil incarnate! Delicious, fatty, smokey bacon....

Bacon is definitely a "sometimes food" I only buy it 1-2x per year. And today was a perfect day to handle the prep. Its cool and dampish, great excuse for firing the oven.

1) on a rimmed baking sheet, put a cookie cooling rack.
2) lay out the bacon. Top with a second cooling rack.
3) In a cold oven, bake the bacon. 350 for ~30 min for slightly chewy bacon, or for "storing" partially cooked in the freezer. Go to 400 for super crisp bacon ready to eat (a great trick for brunch parties when you are feeding a crowd)

The fat drips off the bacon. Once you drain it on paper towels, you have the "healthiest" bacon possible. Its still a sometimes food, but you can feel better about eating it those times.

Bonus: no messy bacon splatters on stovetop or microwave!

For my southern friends: you can save the bacon grease in the normal way. (My MIL puts a bit on top of her chicken before roasting it. AMAZING.)

Store cooled bacon in the freezer and reheat for 1-2 min in the pan. Or I'll put a few pieces on top of the toast and let it reheat in the toaster oven.
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